Tebunus in Ursem, Noord-Holland, was founded in 1984.
Over the years, Tebunus highly developed its personnel and machinery, as well as its clientele and the complexity of its products. The organization stands for Flexible With Metal. We can handle all bendable materials, such as carbon, stainless steel, grinded/polished steels, copper, aluminium and other exotic species.
Today, Tebunus is a powerful business partner. The amount of industries in The Netherlands and abroad that call upon our expertise in bending technology and related operations, is still increasing. Our customers have one contactperson at Tebunus and this person is directly involved in the operational process. Because of our short and efficient communication lines, we deliver high quality on very short notice.
In addition, we are the right sparring partner when it comes to complex projects. Our enormous capacity to bend in all imaginable sizes can reduce complex welding in large projects.
We continuously invest in our machinery, expansion of our bending tools and the skills of our staff. Thus we ensure that you always get the quality you have requested.
Tebunus is a member of the Dutch Tube Bending Association (www.DTBA.nl), association of the royal metal union. Managing director Frank Tuin is chairman of the association.
Inspection can be done by the client or independent accredited organizations.