Complex job within a short time achieved through close cooperation with customer.


For the service department of a leading manufacturer of boilers and appliances from Belgium, Tebunus has bent a wide variety replacement pipes close to the burner that needed to be replaced.

The boiler builder has designed several new sets of pipes based on the original drawings. The boiler has not been out of operation during this design phase. During the repair, the old pipe where removed and replaced by the newly curved pipes. To shorten the duration of the repair and to keep costs as low as possible the new pipes were spun down and bevelled over 50mm at our the factory. The tailor made tubes made it possible to cut the original tubes of the boiler to the exact size needed to fit the pre-processed  new pipes efficiently.

By using this method, the complex job was achieved within the shortest possible time.

The job has been prepared in close cooperation with the client and executed. Through the choice of a very tight bend radius could be reducing the number of divisions, which is a reduction of the amount of welding work.


This is a good example how we combined  forces, Tebunus as a leader in bending and prefabrication and the ketelbuilder in construction and installation.