Finned tubes

Tebunus Tube Trading is the right partner to deliver a wide range finned tubes. Bending and operation processes are done in our own production facilities in North Holland. Applications of finned tubes are extremely diverse.

FINNED TUBE type / variants
  1. Extruded (High type)
    operating temperature 300 deg Celsius
  2. G Type
    operating temperature 450 deg Celsius
  3. L Type
    operating temperature 140 deg Celsius
  4. LL (Double L) Type
    operating temperature 165 deg Celcius
  5. SEMI CRIMPING Type (Type 3)
    operating temperature 200 deg Celcius
  6. SERRATED Type (Big Sizes tube)
    operating temperature 300 deg Celcius



  • Tube material
  • Tube Sizes (OD , ID) (min. or avarage wall thickness)
  • Tube Length/: overall length
  • Plain end (Un finned).


  • Fins Type
  • Fin thickness
  • Fins per inch (pitch)
  • Fins Height (Outside width)
  • Type of material